8' V-Series HVLS Fan

Ships within 1-3 business days. This is an industrial product; it was not designed for and is not intended for residential use. We will not accept orders that appear to be for residential use.
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Circulate the air in your facility efficiently and effectively to create year-round comfort!

  • 8' Diameter, 5 Blade
  • Industrial Spacing: 60ft
  • Max Effective Area: 6850 sq ft
  • Max RPM: 120 RPM
  • Hanging Weight: 77 lbs
  • Motor .5 hp (0.3 kW)
  • 460V, 3 Phase
  • Direct Drive: zero gears means near zero maintenance
  • Dihedral V-Shaped Design: blades angled up 7º allow coverage to a wider area
  • Weight: no gearbox = less weight... much less
  • Wingtips: reduce airflow loss from blade tips, directing air downward
  • Blades: contoured for maximum air movement
  • ​Sound: <42 decibels - ideal for environments with sounds concerns
  • Forward, Reverse and Variable Speed
  • Environment: IP66 VFD and IP54 motor - rated for indoor/outdoor covered spaces
  • Safety System: multiple tiers of protection, perfect for the rough industrial setting


When purchasing multiple fans (3 or more), call for freight quote! 803.691.4750

Patterson will warranty all V-Series blades, blade hubs, and frames for the life of the fan. All other components will be subject to Patterson’s two year warranty (from date of purchase).