Loading Dock Fans


Does the thought of working in a 130°F truck trailer sound like fun? If you’re a dock door worker at a distribution center, it probably sounds like the exact OPPOSITE of fun. Fortunately, Patterson has worked to mitigate this issue with their truck cooler fans. However, a fan is only effective if it’s used properly, so let’s focus on getting the most out of your Patterson truck cooling solutions.

A wall-mounted, truck cooler fan needs to be positioned in one of the upper corners at the dock door opening and aimed toward the same corner at the front of the trailer. This will allow air to reach the entire length of the trailer, with two positive effects:
– Evacuation of trapped hot air (in about two minutes).
– Creation of constant airflow.
Having this continuous movement of air will alleviate many heat stress issues and provide an overall safer work environment on even the hottest summer days.


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