Cage Fans

A cage fan is really just a larger, stationary version of the oscillating fan you may have in your home or office.  Often they are mounted to a simple pedestal, but in some cases can even mount to a pole, column, or other building structure.  Most cage fans are considered “budget fans,” since they are usually much cheaper than their high velocity (HV) counterparts.  However, while they may not cover as much area as an HV fan, cage fans are undoubtedly useful in certain situations. 
Individual workstations are an ideal place for a cage fan, as they generally do not require the power and coverage of an HV fan.  Multiple speed settings allow the user to adjust the air movement to their preference, a feature not typically found on an HV fan.  Also, cage fans are great for areas that have noise level requirements, but still need air movement.  Their lower decibel readings provide quieter, individualized relief during the cooling season.

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